puppet-php is a module for managing PHP using puppet.

Why Use puppet-php

  • it’s very fast to install, a few minutes tops.
  • it supports all PHP SAPIs out of the box.
  • it supports a lot of PHP extensions out of the box.
  • it’s is very flexible and has tons of configuration options, and sane defaults.
  • it aims to stay out of your way, and if it happens to get in your way, you can change the undesired behavior very easily.
  • it removes the boilerplate code from your manifests, which mean less code to maintain, and less code to spend time unit testing.
  • it uses the MIT license.

Source code

The source can be found at


The project is released under the permissive MIT license.


If you happen to stumble upon a bug, please feel free to create a pull request with a fix (optionally with a test), and a description of the bug and how it was resolved.

You can also create an issue with a description to raise awareness of the bug.


If you have a good idea for a feature, please join us on IRC and let’s discuss it. Pull requests are always more than welcome.

Support / Questions

You can find me on IRC in the #puppet channel on for any support or questions. My alias is Jippi